Lady Acorn Ltd

Rare Breed Pigs and Sheep


The best cared for pigs makes for the best flavour If you are looking for the best tasting, best cared for pork experience this is the place for you.

Our pigs are grown outdoors in the quiet North Warwickshire countryside, they are grown to seven to eight months on diet of locally produced vegetables and pig nuts.

If you care about the food you eat and want the best please contact Andy or Carol


21/12/14 New Arrivals, just in time for Christmas.

1/3/15 Chris the Rhea escapes.

3/3/15 Now famous, Chris the Rhea (or Colin the Ostritch as he has been named in the news) is found in Hurley. More   on facebook.

7/3/15 Lambing Update - We are due to start lambing around the 15th of March.

The Search For Flavour.

If you are going to eat meat then eat the best and by the best we mean traditional pigs that have had a varied diet, that have grown outdoors with the sun on their backs (or rain) and have enjoyed healthy life as much as possible and result in best flavours and texture resulting in a mouth watering, full flavoured pork.

Hardy outdoor pigs live a world away from their pink factory farmed cousins. More