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About Us

Traditional pigs such as Gloucester Old Spot and Oxford Sandy and Black cannot cope with the stress of intensive farming practices; they thrive in outdoor conditions where they are able to mature at their own rate in a relaxed environment.

We believe a happy, contented pig makes for better tasting pork and bacon.

Our outdoor traditional breeds are fed a basic ration of cereal pellets topped up with a wide variety of local grown fruit and vegetables that have gone to seed or are surplus to requirements.  From spinach to peas, from turnips to beetroot, a diet of fresh vegetables brings out the best in the pigs and the therefore the meat they provide.

The low stocking density (eight to twelve pigs per acre) ensures there is grass, nettles, brambles wild plants and roots (the natural feed for their piggy ancestors) available throughout the year, this enables the pigs to graze frequently rather that just twice a day.

The pigs are free range, they live outdoors from the moment of weaning (and sometimes if the weather is good before weaning).  Once introductions to the rest of herd have been made (normally an hour or so of snuffles and squeals of delight) they are part of the family and follow their peers to water, to food and to bed.

We like to have a close relationship with all our customers and work to meet their exacting requirements.  We feel that the we have done all the hard work of producing the best pork possible and want to carry this commitment through to the customer. What ever you needs please feel free to contact us.  We can provide chops through to half or even a whole pig (for hog roasts). If requested you can even select your own weaner for us to grow for you.  You can even come and visit, providing you bring a teat of apples for your pig.